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International quality - Thai service
In everything S+A undertakes, we aim for the highest international standard while providing the Thai warm, friendly and flexible service. With the Thai smile.
Corporate culture
M.L. Santhaya s legacy is deeply embedded in S+A corporate culture and in every aspect of our operation.
Like the man he was, his legacy is straightforward, humble and profound. He called it his principles of Realism.
[1] Serve all the uses required by the clients and projects by detailed analysis of data and requirements. Think rationally. Concentrate on precision, functionality and usability more than on fashionable values and concerns for forms. [2] Ensure a detailed and throughout control of the construction costs and employ construction techniques and materials rationally to ensure project feasibility at all times. [3] Uphold resolute integrity and commitment to the clients and projects. [4] Work as a team to provide the most throughout solutions.
S+A projects are incredibly diverse but share the same DNA in the way there are fashioned.
Our designs respond pragmatically to all requirements and parameters of each project in the most rational way.
We understand that a construction project represents an important investment and require long-term value. Our designs are modern/contemporary as we plan for the future. We avoid fashionable trends and artistic considerations precisely because they are short-lived. We emphasize on flexibility, adaptability and sustainability to allow our designs to evolve through time. Ultimately we aim at improving people s life, their living environment and the society at large. We design to last. 

Our clients choose S+A because they trust us and are confident that their project will be delivered on time, on budget and to the quality expected. With a diligent and outstanding service.
More than consultants, we are our clients partners living their challenges and expectations. We take it personally.

S+A is a family of professionals.
Our people are our most valuable asset and we treat them with great care, professionally and personally. We have low staff turn-over. Our staff typically stay with the company for many years, some for their entire career.
We nurture a diverse and international working environment. Our people come from 5 different countries, sharing 4 religions and speaking 8 languages. Ages range from 25 to 65. Business language is English.
Each of S+A team member holds a key responsibility and plays an important role in S+A success.

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